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Paper Folders / Folding FAQ

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Paper Folders / Automatic Folding Machines

We have compiled a list of the most common paper folder questions from our customers and have put them in this useful paper folder FAQ. If you are trying to learn more about paper folders, or are in the initial stages of looking for a machine, this FAQ is perfect for you. Feel free to read through this. Give us a call at 1-800-658-8788 for more information on paper folding machines.

Why would I want to use a paper folder?

Paper folders make it possible to fold a lot of paper in a fraction of the time it would take someone to fold it manually. Versus a human, a paper folder is not only faster, but also far more precise.

Can I use my paper folder continuously throughout the day?

This depends on the paper folder. Some entry-level paper folders will burn out the motor if used continuously, especially desktop models designed for the occasional letter. If you need a paper folder that will be used continuously throughout the day, it would be a good idea to call 1-800-658-8788 for a paper folder specialist. They will be able to offer some good suggestions on makes and models.

Can a paper folder be used on a desk?

Most paper folders can be set up and used on a desk. If you need a model that can be used on a desk, while a person is working there, you will be limited to entry-level desktop models. A larger folder is too loud and takes up too much space to be used on the same desk as an employee.

What are folding plates?

Most paper folders use folding plates to fold paper. Folding plates are what are used to determine the type of fold. As paper runs through a paper folder, it bounces off the folding plates, which determines exactly where the roller will crease and fold the paper.

How do I know what folds a paper folder will do?

Each paper folder product page on our site lists the folds a paper folder will do. This is located towards the bottom of the page.

Are there any manual paper folders?

The only manual paper folder I am aware of is your hand.

Are paper folders easy to set up?

Most paper folders are easy to set up. The difficulty depends on whether you are using a manual setup, semi-automatic or fully automatic paper folder. A manual setup paper folder and semi-auto paper folder will require some sort of manual adjustment to the folding plates. A fully automatic paper folder will only require settings on a control panel. You can see a video of a manual setup paper folder being set up and operated here.

Can I use glossy paper with a paper folder?

Friction feed paper folders do not work well with glossy paper. This is because the friction rollers tend to slip on glossy paper. We recommend using an air-powered (pneumatic) paper folder for glossy paper. If you like, you can send in samples of glossy paper to be tested on our machines.

Can I fold multiple sheets of paper at once?

We have a few paper folders that will fold up to three or four sheets of paper at a time, but they require the paper to be manually fed into the machine prior to folding. As far as automated multi-sheet folding is concerned, we really do not sell any standard paper folders that can do this. Your only option is to use a paper folder inserter, but not use the inserting function. We have had several customers go with this as an option for multi-sheet folding and enjoy the end result.

Can I use 11 x 17 paper with a paper folder?

Many paper folders can handle larger paper, but you will want to check the specifications on the paper folder prior to making a purchase.

Do paper folders include paper counters?

Some paper folders do include paper counters and batch counters. This depends entirely on the model. We do, however, sell after-market counters that can be used with your paper folder.

Is there any special maintenance required for a paper folder?

The most important maintenance you can do with your paper folder is use roller cleaner rejuvenator to clean dust and ink from the rollers. This also helps prevent the rollers from drying out and cracking. You can find roller cleaner rejuvenator here.

Can I use rubbing alcohol to clean the rollers on my paper folder?

No. Rubbing alcohol will dry out and crack the rubber rollers and decrease the lifespan of your paper folder.

Which is the best paper folder?

There is no one make or model of paper folder that can be labeled as best. Our customers really like paper folders from Intelli-Zone, MBM and Duplo (in that order). Martin Yale paper folders are also popular with our customers.

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