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Static Eliminator, Folding Machine Counters & Roller Cleaner

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We carry a great selection of accessories and supplies designed to keep your paper folding machine up and running. This includes static eliminator, rubber roller cleaner and rejuvenator and a wide selection of paper counters. Take advantage of these great prices and place your order today!

Paper Folder Accessories

Static Eliminator by Martin Yale

Description: Our Martin Yale 300 static eliminator spray coats surfaces, reducing and eliminating static buildup. Simply spray the static eliminator onto a cloth, or directly onto the friction grabbers or rollers. This is an invaluable spray to have on hand if you work with paper folding machines.


TC (Total Count)

Description: The RTC or TC aftermarket paper counter. These counters have built-in sensor that use infrared light to count paper. The sensor can be placed as far as 2" away from the paper, adjusting the sensitivity automatically to accommodate the distance.
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Roller Cleaner

Description: Roller cleaner is the best way to extend the life of your rubber rollers. Over time, paper dust, ink and other contaminants can stick to your rollers making them inefficient. Rollers also dry out over time and can crack if the problem is not taken car of. Roller cleaner helps clean off particles and keeps moisture in the rollers. Order your roller cleaner today!


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