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Paper Hole Punches: Singe, Two and Three-Hole

We Accept Company and Government Purchase Orders!
Manual three-hole paper punches are the most popular and common paper punch sold. Place your paper in the three-hole punch, pull the punching arm and you are finished. We have guaranteed low prices on all our manual three-hole punches. Order your paper hole punch today!
Manual two-hole paper punches are commonly used in hospitals, doctor offices and law offices. We have guaranteed low prices on all our manual two-hole punches. Order your paper hole punch today!
Single hole paper punches are a great alternative to any electric paper drill. They are especially ideal for use in situations where holes need to be put in laminated material, plastic covers or other heat-sensitive material. Also, single hole paper punches can usually punch through more paper than a 2 or 3 hole paper punch. Order yours today!
Customizable paper hole punches have punch heads that can be manually adjusted, allowing you to place the punch head in any location you want. We have several paper punches and punch heads available at guaranteed low prices. Order your customizable paper hole punch today!
Paper hole punches are used by schools, churches, law offices, medical offices, businesses, and more for punching and organizing documents. The three-hole punch is the most popular punch sold and is used for punching paper before being placed in a three-ring binder. We sell both manual, electric and adjustable paper hole punches. All our paper hole punches are sold at guaranteed low prices. Order your paper hole punch today!

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