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Paper Scorers and Paper Creasers

Questions? Check Out Our Paper Folders Guide.
We offer a great selection of both manual and automatic creasers and scorers. Some machines are designed to create one crease at a time where larger more automated systems can create multiple creases at a time. Creasers and scorers are perfect for folding card stock, software packaging, paper and other material for display, mailing and marketing purposes. Our creasers and scorers are available to you at a great price. Place your order today!

Paper Scorers / Creasers

Standard DocuCrease DC35 Scoring Machine

Description: Do you need to score or crease delicate paper, card stock or other materials that don’t easily fold? Consider using the Standard DocuCrease DC35. TThis creaser can score and crease paper up to 14" long and up to 12 pt. Cover thick.
Paper Size:12 pt cover
Paper Weight:14"
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Standard DocuCrease DC52 Scoring Machine

Description: The DocuCrease DC52 uses a manual lever press, combined with a channel, to quickly crease paper in just seconds. The scoring method used by the DocuCrease eliminates tearing and cracking that can occur with manually folding material or rotary-style scoring machines.
Paper Size:12 pt cover
Paper Weight:20 1/2"
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Standard EasyCrease Pro Creaser

Description: The Standard EasyCreasePro offers superior channel creasing capability across a broad range of paper stocks. Its convenient semi-automatic operation and desktop design create an ideal creasing solution for digitally printed stocks that require a clean sharp fold. The exceptional quality and unique benefits of channel-creasing over traditional rotary scoring delivers clear performance advantages in preventing damage and cracking along the folded edge of printed stocks.
Paper Size:14 pt cover
Paper Weight:14 1/2"
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AutoCreaser Pro 33 Paper Scorer

Description: The Standrad Morgana AutoCreaser Pro 33. is perfect for finishing operations. It is fully automatic, simple to program, offers accurate registration and can be used to create up to 16 scores per sheet of paper. It can be used with either ink or toner-based digital printing systems.
Paper Size:
Paper Weight: 150 lbs. cover (400gsm)


Manual Paper Scoring and Perforating

Lassco-Wizer W630 Score II 19.5"

Description: The Score II paper scorer easily scores and perforates paper. This machine operates much like rotary paper cutter, with a scoring and perforating head that slides along a bar. This machine is capable of scoring multiple sheets at a time and can handle paper stock from 16 lb. to cover stock.
Maximum Score / Perf Length:19 1/2"
Perfs per inch:10
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Lassco-Wizer W635 Score II 25"

Description: The Lassco-Wizer W635 Score II is an effective and affordable way to score and perforate paper. This manually-operated machine is extremely easy to set up and use. Simply place your paper on the base and run the perforating or scoring blade across the paper. Multiple perforations and scores can be created through multiple passes.
Maximum Score / Perf Length:25"
Perfs per inch:10
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Combo Numbering Machine and Scorer / Perforator

Count Auto Pro Plus I

Description: Simultaneously perforate, score and stamp paper from 4" x 4" up to 18" x 18" in just seconds with the versatile Count Auto Pro Plus I. This automated machine features a state-of-the-art control panel that makes it very easy to set up precision perforations, scoring and numbering. The numbering crash head is capable of going through up to 8 part carbonless forms.
Speed:19,000 sph
Strike Location:4 total in register ± 1/10"
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Count Auto Pro Plus II Scorer/Perforator

Description: Do you need a high-end paper perforator that also has numbering capabilities? Consider using the Count Auto Pro Plus II. This dual head numbering machine can quickly perforate or score paper and then create up to 20 impressions per sheet of paper (10 per head). The control panel on this machine is very easy to use and the microprocessor produces precise and intricate perforations, scores and numbers.
Speed:19,000 sph
Strike Location:20 total in register ± .01"
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