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Paper Shredder FAQ

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Paper Shredders

We have compiled a list of the most common paper shredder questions from our customers and have put them in this useful paper shredder FAQ. If you are trying to learn more about paper shredders, or are in the initial stages of looking for a machine, this FAQ is perfect for you. Feel free to read through this. Give us a call at 1-800-658-8788 for more information on paper shredders.

What are the different categories of paper shredders?

Paper shredders are typically broken down into different categories based on the volume they are designed to shred. These are usually home, office, departmental, industrial and high security.

What is the difference between strip cut and cross cut?

Strip cut shredders cut paper into thin strips of paper, usually 1/8 to ΒΌ-inch wide. Cross cut paper shredders cut paper in multiple "criss-cross" shapes, making the paper harder to read. Cross cut paper is considered to be more secure.

Is there a difference between cross cut, diamond cut and particle cut shredders?

These are all synonyms for the same type of cut. There is no difference between the three terms.

What is a security level?

Paper shredders are categorized by a particular security level. The security level a paper shredder receives depends on the shredded particle size. The more secure a shredder, the higher the security level. For general home and office use, a security level three or four is sufficient. Security levels five and six are for top secret / high security shredding. You can find the various security levels and their specifications here.

Can all shredders handle paper clips and staples?

Most paper shredders can now handle the occasional staple. Paper clips are more difficult for paper shredders to handle. Check the shredder specifications before shredding paper clips. Regardless of the shredder model, shredders will last longer if you can cut down on staples.

Can all shredders handle credit cards and CDs?

Not all shredders can handle credit cards and CDs. Many can now handle credit cards, but most cannot handle CDs or DVDs. You will need to check, before making a purchase, whether or not a shredder can handle credit cards or CDs.

Is there a way to cut down on shredder dust?

Some shredders are available with an optional dust extractor. The extractor uses a vacuum-like system to remove dust. Most shredders do not have this option. If your shredder does not have the option of using a dust extractor, using shredder bags will help cut down on dust.

How do I maintain my shredder?

The most important maintenance you can do on a paper shredder is oiling it. We sell lightweight oil designed specifically for paper shredder blades. This oil can either be directly applied to the shredder blades, or be applied to a piece of paper that can then be run through the shredder. It all depends on how accessible the blades are. Once oil is applied to the shredder blades, run the paper shredder in "reverse" for 10-30 seconds. This keeps the oil from immediately passing through the shredder. It is recommended to oil your shredder every time you change your bag.

Can I use WD-40 or cooking oil to oil my shredder?

These types of oils are not recommended for oiling a paper shredder. Although they may lubricate the blades, these types of oil will ultimately cause more problems. WD-40 and cooking oil (vegetable oil) will, over time, cause shredded particles and pieces of paper to stick together, gumming up the shredder head. Shredder oil will not do this.

Is it safe to run the maximum number of sheets through your shredder?

It is safe to run the maximum sheets of paper through your shredder every so often, but not on a continuous basis. For continuous use, take the maximum number of sheets allowed for your shredder and back that off by about 20%.

What is a continuous-duty motor?

A continuous-duty motor is a motor designed to be used continuously without burning out or having to cool down. The motor is thermally protected. This is ideal if you will be shredding a lot of paper on a regular basis. A shredder that does not have a continuous-duty motor will wear out quickly or will require a cool down period if used too much.

Which is the best paper shredder?

The shredder you use depends entirely on the type of shredder and the volume of paper you will be shredding. If you are looking for a good "all-round" paper shredder, HSM, Destroyit, Formax and Dahle are known for making durable paper shredders.

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