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Photo ID Equipment and Supply Guide

Photo ID is an important security feature for schools, businesses and the government. While many organizations use a Polaroid camera to take photo ID pictures, more are using card creation software, such as Card 5 or Episuite, and digital printers to create ID cards quickly.

ABC Office offers a wide range of digital photo printers and card creation software, providing the perfect photo ID system for you. We also carry more traditional photo ID systems including Polaroid cameras and "All Photo ID" systems.

No matter which method of photo ID creation you prefer, we have the equipment and the supplies you need, including lanyards, badge holders, and badge reels. We also carry die cutters, pouch laminators, slot punches and photo trimmers. To learn which photo ID system is best for you, read this guide or visit our photo id index.

Digital Card Printers

We offer several brands of digital printers for photo ID card printing, including Fargo, Eltron® / Zebra®, and Magicard. Choose a digital photo printer that prints on one or both sides of the PVC card, in color, or in black and white. A PVC card printer takes anywhere from 5 seconds to 30 seconds to print a card.

Some of our digital card printers have optional magnetic stripe encoders. Magnetic stripe encoders encode valuable information on the stripe of the card. This allows the information to be read when it is swiped through a magnetic card reader. An example of a magnetic stripe would be the stripe of information on a credit card.

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Card Creation Software

Card creation software allows you to design the perfect ID card. Some photo ID software links to databases of information, eliminating the need to enter information onto each card. Card creation software also encodes magnetic cards with barcodes, magnetic stripes and smart chips for greater security in your company. We carry several brands of card creation software including Episuite, Card 5 and Assure.

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Magnetic Readers, Writer/Encoders

Magnetic Writers/Encoders encode or write data on the three-tracks of a ?-inch magnetic stripe. Magnetic stripes are available in high and low coercivity. High coercivity stripes last longer and are black. They are designed to store data for a long period of time. Low coercivity stripes are brown and are designed to be rewritten multiple times. We carry a Magnetic encoder that is also a card reader, the model 3170. The 3170 encodes only low coercivity stripes but reads both high and low coercivity.

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Polaroid Cameras

Some companies prefer to take ID card pictures using a Polaroid camera. We offer a wide selection of cameras with 2, 4, and 6 lenses. Our two lens Polaroid cameras make excellent passport cameras.

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Digital Printer Supplies

When you purchase a digital printer, you will need several photo ID supplies.
  • PVC cards to print your photo ID on.
  • Replacement ribbons for your digital printer.
  • Cleaning supplies to keep your pvc card printer from leaving streaks by removing ink and color buildup from the print head. These include the following:
    • Cleaning cartridges and ribbons run through your printer, keeping it from streaking as it prints.
    • Cleaning cards look like ID cards and clean the thermal print head when you run them through the printer.
    • A cleaning pen looks like a marker. You "color" the print head with it, removing ink.
    • You can also use cleaning pads to remove ink from your printer head. A cleaning pad is a small disposable sheet saturated with cleaner. You rub it over your print head to clean it.
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Slot Punches

Slot punches punch holes in the PVC cards so they can be hung on a lanyard, badge strap clip or badge reel. We offer hand-held or industrial slot punches depending on the volume of cards you need to punch. Our high-end, heavy-duty Model 1500 LA punches up to seven 10-mil thick cards in one punch. Note: Punch ID cards after they are printed only, if punched before a printer malfunction may occur.

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Photo Die Cutters

Photo die cutters easily and accurately cut your photos into passport-sized pictures. We offer manual and electric die cutters, depending on the volume of photos you need to cut.

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Photo ID Supplies and Accessories

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LiteCut Photo Trimmers

Our LiteCut Photo Trimmer shines a light from underneath the cutting board onto the photo, providing a straight cutting guide line.

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Pouch Laminators

Pouch laminators are a great way to preserve photo ID cards that are printed using teslin sheets or perforated ink jet paper. We offer a wide range of pouch laminators with pressure-sensitive (cold) and hot lamination capabilities.

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Card creation software - Software used to design photo ID.

Die cutter - A cutter that cuts photos into passport size.

Digital ID card printer - The ID card printer that prints photo ID on PVC cards.

High coercivity - A high level of magnetic coding on a magnetic stripe. High-coercivity stripes are black in color and store information on a permanent basis.

Low coercivity - A lower level of magnetic coding on a magnetic strip. Low-coercivity stripes are brown in color and store information that is frequently changed.

Magnetic card reader - A machine that reads data off of a magnetic stripe.

Magnetic stripe - A brown or black stripe on ID cards, credit cards, gift certificates and more which stores information that is read by a magnetic card reader.

Magnetic stripe encoder - A machine that encodes a magnetic stripe with data.

Perforated ink jet paper - Paper used to print photo IDs using an ink jet printer.

Slot punch - A machine that punches a hole in the photo ID so that a lanyard, badge strap clip or badge reel can carry the photo ID.

Teslin sheets - Paper used to print photo ID using a laser printer.

Zebra® and Eltron® are registered trademarks of Zebra Technologies Corporation.

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