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You are being redirected to ABC Office. Why? has joined their sister company ABC Office to provide our customers with a greater product selection, while offering the same great prices and service you have come to love and expect!If you have questions or concerns during this transition please give us a call at 1-800-658-8788, or email us at

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Wall-Mounted Plastic Magazine Racks & Brochure Holders

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Plastic magazine racks and brochure holders hold up well, are durable and make it easy for patients, customers and clients to view material. These thermoformed racks are easy to use and hang up. Our clear plastic racks are very safe to use and have no sharp corners. That makes them great to use in lobbies, waiting rooms and more! Choose from a variety of magazine, brochure and literature rack configurations. These plastic racks include both PETG plastic and acrylic designs. Our prices are low, customer service is excellent and shipping is fast. Order your plastic magazine rack today!

Plastic Display Racks

Safco 5638CL 3 Pocket Acrylic



Safco 5621CL Clear Wall-Mounted Magazine Rack

Description: The Safco 5621CL Reveal 1 pocket wall-mounted magazine rack may very well be one of the most popular magazine racks we offer. There are many reasons for this. To begin with, it’s affordable. It is also popular because it is small enough to be put just about anywhere on the wall, yet versatile enough that multiple units can be easily placed next to each other.
Dimensions:11.13"W x 12.25"H x 2"D


Safco 5635CL 3 Pocket Acrylic

Description: Put your literature and magazines on display! Keep them organized and easy to see with this magazine display. Great for any shared or first impression areas, this display will impress all of your guests.


The Safco 5673CL 8 Pocket Pamphlet Rack

Description: The Safco 5673CL Clear2c 8 pocket pamphlet display is a classy way to display brochures. The 8 pocket design has an almost floating look that makes brochures easy to see and even easier to access.
Dimensions:19.38"W x 23.5"H x 2.9"D


Safco 5667CL 6 Pocket Magazine Rack

Description: Few display racks have the look and durability of the Safco 5667CL Clear2c 6 pocket wall-mounted magazine rack. This 6-pocket rack features two stacked horizontal rows of 3 pockets.
Dimensions:28"W x 23.375"H x 2.9"D


Safco 5671CL Cear2c 12 Pocket Brochure Display

Description: The Safco 5671CL Cear2c 12-pocket wall-mounted brochure rack is stunning. It is made from break-resistant polycarbonate plastic combined with a clear PETG backing. Each of these pockets hold up to 2" of material!
Dimensions:28.75"W x 23.625"H x 2.9"D


Safco 5666CL Magazine / Pamphlet Rack

Description: The Safco 5666CL Clear2c 3 pocket magazine rack and 6 pocket pamphlet holder is made from break resistant polycarbonate and includes a clear plastic PETG plastic. Not only is this material safe, it is also extremely durable and won’t fade with time. The 5666CL features 2" deep pockets that can be used to hold a wide range of material.
Dimensions:28.75"W x 23.625"H x 2.9"D


Safco 5608CL 8 Pocket Pamphlet Display

Description: Give your brochures the class and style they deserve by using the Safco 5608CL Reveal 8 pocket pamphlet display. This clear plastic brochure holder makes your literature more appealing to customers, clients and patients.
Dimensions:20.63"W x 20.5"H x 2"D


Safco 5604CL 12 Pocket Wall Brochure Rack

Description: The Safco 5604CL Reveal 12 pocket wall-mounted brochure rack is the perfect way to provide your customers and patients with the literature they need most. The thermoformed clear plastic body of this display rack is extremely durable and looks classy when hung on a wall.
Dimensions:30"W x 20.38"H x 2"D


Safco 5612CL Literature Rack

Description: The Safco 5612CL Reveal magazine and pamphlet display is thermoformed plastic literature rack has 2 magazine pockets and 4 brochure pockets. Each pocket is 1 ¾" deep, able to hold a lot of literature. Because this rack is made as one solid piece, no assembly is required and corners are safe and rounded.
Dimensions:21"W x 22.63"H x 2"D


Safco 5605CL Reveal Wall-Mounted Magazine Rack

Description: One great way to professionally present material is by using the Safco 5605CL Reveal wall-mounted literature rack. This rack features 3 magazine pockets and 6 pamphlet pockets.
Dimensions:30"W x 22.5"H x 2"D


Safco 5665CL 9 Pocket Magazine Rack

Description: With 9 pockets and a wall-mounted design, the Safco 5665CL Clear2c 9 pocket magazine rack is a classy piece of furniture in any waiting room, lobby or office.
Dimensions:29"W x 35.875"H x 2.9"D


Safco 5607CL Reveal 6 Pocket Magazine Rack

Description: The Safco 5607CL Reveal 6 pocket wall-mounted magazine rack has 6 pockets that are each 1 ¾" deep, which is more than enough space to provide your customers, clients and patients with adequate reading material.
Dimensions:30"W x 26.63"H x 2"D


Safco 5668CL Clear2c 6 Pocket Magazine Rack

Description: Consider using the break-resistant Safco 5668CL Clear2c 6 pocket magazine rack and 6-pocket pamphlet display. This rack is made out of tough polycarbonate plastic and features a crystal-clear PETG plastic backing.
Dimensions:29"W x 35.825"H x 2.9"D


Safco 5610CL Clear 12 Pocket Book Display

Description: Rounded corners, a thermoformed clear plastic design and multiple pockets make the Safco 5610CL Reveal 12 pocket wall-mounted booklet display an excellent option for visitor’s centers, churches, schools and other organizations.
Dimensions:30"W x 30"H x 2"D


Safco 5606CL Reveal Magazine / Pamphlet Display Rack

Description: Few multi-literature display racks are as classy or as professional as the Safco 5606CL Reveal 6 magazine / 6 pamphlet display rack. This thermoformed literature rack is made from impact resistant clear plastic.
Dimensions:30"W x 34.75"H x 2"D


Safco 5609CL 8 Pocket Magazine Pamphlet Display Rack

Description: Vertical literature holders make excellent use of wall space while making literature look attractive and keeping it accessible. The Safco 5609CL Reveal 4 pocket magazine and 8 pocket pamphlet display rack is a prime example of engineering excellence.
Dimensions:21"W x 45"H x 2"D


Safco 5603CL Reveal 9 Pocket Magazine Rack

Description: The Safco 5603CL Reveal wall-mounted 9 pocket magazine rack can hold up to 1 ¼" of material per individual pocket. The thermoformed design of the 5603CL Reveal eliminates sharp edges and also makes this rack extremely durable.
Dimensions:30"W x 36.88"H x 2"D


Safco 5601CL 24 Pamphlet Wall-Mount Display

Description: The Safco 5601CL Reveal 24 pamphlet wall-mounted display may be just what you need. This wall-mounted brochure rack is one of the best out there and with 24 pockets (each 1 ¾" deep), it can hold a lot of stuff.
Dimensions:30"W x 41"H x 2"D


Safco 5600CL Reveal Magazine / Brochure Rack

Description: One durable and affordable option you may want to consider using is the Safco 5600CL Reveal magazine and brochure rack. This display has 6 magazine pockets and 12 pamphlet pockets.
Dimensions:30"W x 45"H x 2"D


Safco 5611CL 8 Pocket Magazine Rack

Description: You probably need a wall-mounted display like the Safco 5611CL Reveal 8 pocket magazine and 8 pocket pamphlet display rack. This rack makes the organization and display of literature easy. The magazines are arranged in a 2 x 4 horizontal layout and the brochures (pamphlets) are laid out horizontally 8 across the top.
Dimensions:40"W x 34.75"H x 2"D


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