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Hot Water Shrink / Dip Tanks

If you?re a butcher, or you package meat, sausage, cheese and other food items on a daily basis, you may be in need of a hot water dip tank. These tanks are designed to work along side vacuum sealing machines (often chamber sealers). Vacuum sealers use square bags, but the food being packaged isn?t. This results in a lot of excess plastic around the sides and corners. While food packaged this way can be sold with the excess plastic, many businesses like to use a hot water dip tank to quickly shrink down the plastic. This is both sanitary and produces a very professional and presentable product for retail sale. At ABC Office we offer high-end dip tanks with stainless steel designs that can package dozens of items a minute. If you want to make your food more presentable, consider purchasing one of our dip tanks (aka hot water shrink tunnels) today!

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Hot Water Shrink Tanks / Dip Tanks

Minipack MDT 60

Description: Minipack MDT hot water dip tanks are some of the toughest on the market. Featuring a 220 pound dip capacity, the MDT 60 is perfect for commercial / industrial use. This hot water dip tank features a 25 gallon water capacity and has a maximum submersion depth of 8.6”.
Platform Size:19.7"W x 23.6"L x 16.5"H
Tank Volume:25 Gallons
Sale Price:

ST-10 Shrink Tank

Description: If you own a vacuum sealer and package a lot of meat, cheese, sausage and other food items, the ST-10 steel hot water shrink tunnel is designed to quickly shrink down that plastic to provide a more presentable item for retail sales purposes.
Platform Size:22.8" x 13.7" x 14"
Tank Volume:30 gallons
Sale Price:

MiniPack MDT 100

Description: The Minipack MDT 100 hot water dip tank has a large 41-gallon capacity and features a dip depth of 8.6”. It includes its own integrated heating system and can be operated at a maximum temperature of 203 degrees Fahrenheit. This machine operates quickly and is excellent for industrial daily use applications.
Platform Size:23.60"W x 31.50"L x 16.50"H
Tank Volume:41 Gallons
Sale Price:

ST-700 Dip Tank

Description: If you package a lot of food using a vacuum sealer on a daily basis, you may need a commercial hot water dip tank like the Promax ST-700. This high-end dip tank uses hot water, much like a heat tunnel uses hot air, to quickly shrink down excess plastic after the vacuum sealing process.
Platform Size:34.2" x 24.8" x 13" ( 870 x 630 x 330 mm )
Tank Volume:85 gallons
Sale Price:

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