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Heat Guns for Shrink Wrap Machines and I-Bar Sealers

Questions? Check Out Our Shrink Wrap Guide.
Professional Heat Guns and blowers can be used to shrink down both PVC and Polyolefin shrink film without any problem. They can be used with centerfold rolls of film, bags, sheets and much more. Combined with an I-bar or an L-bar shrink wrap sealer you can quickly package a CD, DVD, Blu-ray, box or other item in under a minute.

Shrink Wrap Heat Guns

Sealer Sales HG-1 Heat Gun

Description: Quickly shrink down PVC, POF, PET and PP shrink film using the HG-1 heat gun from SealerSales. This heat gun has both a high and a low setting. The low setting has a temperature of 600°F and the high temperature has temperature of 900°F. This heat gun features a convenient hand guard and it is compact enough to move around a variety of products for shrink wrapping purposes. The HG-1 can be easily used along side a heat sealer, an I-bar sealer or an L-bar sealer. Order yours today!


Heat Gun Model HG-1-CY

Description: If you are in the market for a tough heavy-duty heat gun, the SealerSales HG-1-CY is an excellent choice. This heat gun features a 1500w power source that allows it to achieve 700°F on the low setting and 900°F on the high setting.


Shrinkwrap Heat Gun

Description: Quickly shrink PVC and Polyolefin film with one of our HotShot heat shrink guns. These variable temperature guns are compact, easy to use and can be plugged into a standard wall outlet. These guns are idea for use with straight bar (I-Bar) shrink wrap systems, but can also be used with L-bar systems in place of a tunnel for low to medium volume shrink wrapping.


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