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I-Bar sealers are some of the most affordable shrink wrap machines available. When used with centerfold shrink film, an I-bar shrink wrap machine typically only requires two passes of the bar to fully seal in a package. Combined with a heat gun, and I-bar sealer can quickly package a CD, DVD, Blu-ray, box or other item in under a few minutes.
Shrinkwrap L Sealers quickly cut film before being sealed. The impulse method of cutting the film is clean and cuts down on smoke.
Professional Heat Guns and blowers can be used to shrink down both PVC and Polyolefin shrink film without any problem. They can be used with centerfold rolls of film, bags, sheets and much more. Combined with an I-bar or an L-bar shrink wrap sealer you can quickly package a CD, DVD, Blu-ray, box or other item in under a minute.
Shrink film is available in several different sizes and thicknesses. Shrinkwrap supplies and accessories include replacement wire, tape and pad.
Industrial Shrink Wrap systems with tunnels incorporates an L-bar system and tunnel into one complete, easy-to use system. Shrink wrap time can be dramatically cut down by using an industrial shrink wrap system.
Our one step shrink wrap systems are a great solution for your low, medium and high-volume shrink wrapping. These shrink wrap machines use chamber that seals and then shrinks your product in one fluid motion. The process is easy, looks professional and can be completed in 7 - 12 seconds!
Heat shrink tunnels use evenly distributed heat to shrink film. Heat tunnels shrink film more evenly and quicker than a heat gun.
We offer you a great selection of shrink wrap machines that can be used for a variety of projects and products. This includes shrink tunnels, I-bar and L-bar shrink wrap systems. We have sorted and categorized our shrink wrap machines based on the industry they are most ideal to be used in.
ABC Office has the widest selection of shrink wrap machines, equipment and shrink film available online. Products include impulse, straight bar and L-bar machines and systems. We have a great selection of products from AIE, Minipack, Sealer Sales, Traco Mfg. Rochman and more. Film includes both Polyolefin and PVC. We also have a great selection of continuous band sealers, vacuum sealers and sleeve wrappers. We have everything you want for your packaging needs. We offer a low price guarantee on all our shrinkwrap products. Order yours today!

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