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Shrink Wrapping Guide

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Shrink Wrap Guide - Digit 75 Shrinkwrap System

Shrink Wrap Guide

Why use shrink wrap?

Shrinkwrap is the best way to package re-sellable goods. Shrinkwrap is strong, durable and keeps things in place. Shrink wrap is commonly used for packaging software, CDs, chocolates, DVDs, video tapes, cassette tapes, documents, food and more!

With hundreds of models available, we have the perfect model for you. We have guaranteed low prices and a knowledgeable sales staff who can answer all your questions. Order your shrink wrap equipment and supplies today!

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What should I consider before purchasing a shrink wrap machine?

What do you want to shrink wrap?
Different materials require different types of shrink wrap equipment. Make sure your shrink wrapper is capable of shrink wrapping your product. Shrink wrap equipment and supplies are available in many different sizes.

How often will you shrinkwrap?
Some shrink wrap units are capable of packaging only a couple of products per hour where some shrink wrappers can package hundreds of items an hour. Take into consideration what you will be packaging in the future as your needs may grow.

What size of item do you need to shrinkwrap?
Shrink wrap machines come in a variety of sizes. Some shrinkwrappers are designed for small items, such as a CD. Other shrink wrap machines are designed to package larger products, such as boxes.

Is space/mobility an issue?
Do you have a central location to place a shrink wrap machine or will you need to move it from one room to another? Larger, industrial shrinkwrap machines are too heavy to move without casters. Smaller, straight bar sealers can be easily moved.

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What are the different types of shrink wrappers?

Straight bar sealersStraight bar sealers

Straight bar sealers are commonly used by video and music stores to wrap DVDs, CDs and video tapes. The straight bar cuts off shrink film around the product. Once the product has been encased by shrink film, a heat gun shrinks the film. Straight bar sealers are used for low-volume shrink wrapping.

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L-bar sealersL-bar sealers

L-bar sealers use an L-shaped bar to cut shrink film around a product in one pass. L-bar sealers are also called impulse sealers because they use impulses of electricity to cut the plastic rather than heat. L-bar sealers do not give off smoke like straight bar sealers.

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Heat guns Heat guns

Heat guns look much like a hair dryer. The heat gun blows hot air over a shrink-wrapped product and causes the shrink film to shrink around the product.

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Heat tunnelsHeat tunnels

Heat tunnels have a conveyor that pulls the product through a heated tunnel. The process is more automated and the finished product is more evenly shrunk than with a heat gun.

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Mail baggingMail bagging systems

Organize and quickly package boxes and other products with our manual and auto mail bagging systems.

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Shrink wrap sealersShrink wrap sealers

Shrinkwrap sealers are designed for the sealing of thermoplastic shrink films such as polyethylene and polypropylene. Thermoplastic bags and packaging can be sealed with a shrinkwrap sealer.

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Vacuum sealersVacuum sealers

Vacuum sealers remove air from a package and seal it. This is ideal for packaging meats, vegetables, cheese and other foods. Vacuum sealers can also be used to package and preserve a variety of materials.

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Sleeve wrappersSleeve wrappers

Sleeve wrappers are designed to wrap a wide variety of packs, either as individual packs, or as collations. They wrap long packs, single packs or collated packs in trays. Two rolls of shrink film are sealed in the middle, creating a single curtain of film.

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Continuous band sealersContinuous band sealers

Continuous band sealers take bags and allow you to continuously seal them. These systems are ideal for packaging of bags containing spillable items such as powders, liquids, grains, etc. We have several types of continuous band sealers to choose from.

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Shrink Wrap Equipment Terms

Casters - Casters are a small swivel wheel on the legs of equipment. Casters help with the transportation of heavy equipment.

Film waste winder - Film waste winders help keep shrink waste from falling on the floor and keep the work area clean.

Gauge - Gauge is the thickness of shrink film. The higher the number, the thicker the film.

Magnetic lock down - A magnetic lock down holds an L-bar sealer arm down until it has finished cutting through the shrink wrap. This helps automate the process of shrinkwrapping.

Pad - A pad is part of a shrinkwrap machine's base. The sealer arm rests on the pad during the cutting process. The pad needs to be replaced when worn out.

Polyolefin film - Polyolefin film is a more elastic and stretchy film. Polyolefin film is commonly used with foods because it does not release harmful chemicals when heated. Polyolefin is also good for products with sharp corners since it is less brittle and will not break.

PVC film - PVC film is the most common type of shrink film on the market.

Teflon tape - Teflon tape is placed on the pad to prevent the pad from being cut by the wire. Tape peels off and wears out over time. Teflon tape needs to be replaced when worn out.

Wire - The wire is what cuts through shrink wrap film. The wire can get dirty and worn out over time. Wire needs to be replaced when worn out.

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