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Standard Brand Paper Folders, Cutters, Duplicators & More!

Standard Duplicating Machines Corporation (Standard) is a large manufacturer of office equipment. They manufacture paper cutters, collators, digital duplicators and more. Standard?s products are designed for Office and School use. We have guaranteed low prices on all our Standard products. Order yours today!

Automatic Air Feed Paper Folders / Letter Folders

1.Standard PF-P330 Paper Folder

Item #: FOLEPFP330

Standard PF-P330 Paper Folder

Description: The Standard PF-P330 is a simple, innovative and high-speed paper folding machine. This machine is an automated air suction feed machine that uses air, rather than friction rollers. For convenience, it can be set up with 10 custom fold programs. Simply select the sheet size you want, the fold you want to great and hit the big green button. It can be set up to accept 4 preset sheet sizes (11" x 17", 8-1/2" x 11", 8-1/2" x 14" and 5-1/2" x 8-1/2"). The machine will adjust itself automatically.
Paper Size:5.5" x 8.5" to 11" x 17"
Paper Weight:From 14# Bond to 60# Cover
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2.Standard Horizon EF-35 Paper Folder

Item #: FOLEEF35

Standard Horizon EF-35 Paper Folder

Description: The Standard Horizon EF-35 is one of the fastest air-suction feed paper folding machines around. It can fold paper at a blazing speed of up to 30,000 sheets per hour! It incorporates an air compressor, steel and rubber rollers to accommodate a wide range of paper sizes and thicknesses.
Paper Size:2.2" x 2.8" to 13.7" x 25.5"
Paper Weight:From 12# to 65# Bond
From 17# to 19# Cover
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Auto setup, Auto-feed Paper Folders

1.PF-P3200 Paper Folding Machine

Item #: FOLEPFP3200

PF-P3200 Paper Folding Machine

Description: The Horizon PF-P3200 paper-folding machine is extremely easy to use, features push-button setup and can be used to create all the folds you need.
Paper Size:12.24" x 17" (311 x 432mm)
Paper Weight:36# - 106# (53-157 gsm)
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1.Standard SPF-9 Bookletmaker


Standard SPF-9 Bookletmaker

Description: The Standard SPF-9 booklet maker is considered by many to be the king of the booklet makers. This is because of its impressive 2,100 book per hour booklet making output. The folding plates and stapler head on this machine are capable of folding and stapling up to 20 sheets of 16# paper and 10 sheets of 110# index paper. Order yours today!
Booklets Per Hour:2100 booklets / hr.
Max Sheets:22 Sheets (88 Booklet Pages)
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1.Standard QC-S30 Collator

Item #: COLEQCS30

Standard QC-S30 Collator

Description: The Standard QC-S30 Collator incorporates high-performance and full-featured paper-feed detection and programmability in a compact design. With its simple set-up and operation, the QC-S30 is equally well suited in an office or a production-printing environment.
Speed:3,900 per/hr
Paper Size:5 1/2" x 6.9" to 12" x 17"
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2.Standard QC-S300 Collator

Item #: COLEQCS300

Standard QC-S300 Collator

Description: The Standard QC-S300’s full-color touch-screen operator control makes production fast, easy and reliable. Advanced features such as cover/tab insertion, preset stop, split-tower programming (for double-bin capacity) and continuous operation make this on of the most versatile friction-feed collators available.
Speed:3,900 per/hr
Paper Size:5 1/2" x 6.9" to 12" x 17"
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Digital Duplicators Index

1.Standard SD365 Digital Duplicator

Item #: DUPESD365

Standard SD365 Digital Duplicator

Description: The SD365 is the latest in low cost high-volume printing. The new SD365 provides a large 11 x 17 area platen glass and lets you choose how you accessorize with a rugged platen cover or automatic document feeder. Its newly designed console and 4 line message display keep the operator fully informed of all operational situations including supplies replacement and paper miss removal. Order yours today!
Speed:80 - 130 sheets per minute
Paper Size:3.5" x 5.5" to 11" x 17"
Tray Capacity:1000 Sheets
Scanning Resolution:600dpi x 300dpi
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Electric Paper Cutters

1.Standard PC-S43 Electric Paper Cutter

Item #: CUTEPCS43

Standard PC-S43 Electric Paper Cutter

Description: The Standard PC-S43 electric stack paper cutter offers you a unique tabletop stack paper cutter solution for cutting stacks of paper up to 1/2" thick and 17" wide. This cutter is extremely easy to set up, is very safe to use and makes clean, quick and accurate cuts in just seconds. An illuminated cutting line makes it easy to determine exactly where the blade will land, making precision cuts easy.
Cutting Width:17.08"
Cutting Capacity:0.98"
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2.Standard Horizon PC-45 Paper Cutter

Item #: CUTE17PC45R

Standard Horizon PC-45 Paper Cutter

Description: Whether you’re a school or a professional bindery, you can benefit from using the safe, easy-to-use and professional Standard Horizon PC-45 electric stack paper cutter. This amazing little cutter can cut up to 2.7" of paper in a single cut and can handle paper and documents up to 17.7" wide. A handy illuminated cutting line makes it easy to see where a cut will occur before actuating the electric motor.
Cutting Width:17.5"
Cutting Capacity:2.7"
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3.Standard Horizon PC-64 Paper Cutter

Item #: CUTE17PC64R

Standard Horizon PC-64 Paper Cutter

Description: Whether you work in an in-plant printing shop or a professional bindery, you may have a need for the Standard Horizon PC-64II stack paper cutter. This stack paper cutter handles an amazing 2.7" stack of paper and has a wide 25.1" cutting width. The PC-64II can complete a stack cut in just 3 seconds. The backstop is manually adjusted and the clamping mechanism uses a hatch-style handle. The cutting is done via an electric motor.
Cutting Width:25.1"
Cutting Capacity:2.7"
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Rotary Numbering System

1.SRN-9X Suction Rotary Numbering System


SRN-9X Suction Rotary Numbering System

Description: The Standard SRN-9X is a proven, high-speed suction-feed rotary numbering system that produces clear number definition, even through multiple part sets, by ensuring positive point contact and easy platen pressure adjustment.
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Paper Scorers / Creasers

1.Standard DocuCrease DC35 Scoring Machine

Item #: PRFEDC35

Standard DocuCrease DC35 Scoring Machine

Description: Do you need to score or crease delicate paper, card stock or other materials that don’t easily fold? Consider using the Standard DocuCrease DC35. TThis creaser can score and crease paper up to 14” long and up to 12 pt. Cover thick.
Paper Size:12 pt cover
Paper Weight:14"
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2.Standard DocuCrease DC52 Scoring Machine

Item #: PRFEDC52

Standard DocuCrease DC52 Scoring Machine

Description: The DocuCrease DC52 uses a manual lever press, combined with a channel, to quickly crease paper in just seconds. The scoring method used by the DocuCrease eliminates tearing and cracking that can occur with manually folding material or rotary-style scoring machines.
Paper Size:12 pt cover
Paper Weight:20 1/2"
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3.Standard EasyCrease Pro Creaser


Standard EasyCrease Pro Creaser

Description: The Standard EasyCreasePro offers superior channel creasing capability across a broad range of paper stocks. Its convenient semi-automatic operation and desktop design create an ideal creasing solution for digitally printed stocks that require a clean sharp fold. The exceptional quality and unique benefits of channel-creasing over traditional rotary scoring delivers clear performance advantages in preventing damage and cracking along the folded edge of printed stocks.
Paper Size:14 pt cover
Paper Weight:14 1/2"
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4.AutoCreaser Pro 33 Paper Scorer

Item #: PRFEAC33

AutoCreaser Pro 33 Paper Scorer

Description: The Standrad Morgana AutoCreaser Pro 33. is perfect for finishing operations. It is fully automatic, simple to program, offers accurate registration and can be used to create up to 16 scores per sheet of paper. It can be used with either ink or toner-based digital printing systems.
Paper Size:
Paper Weight: 150 lbs. cover (400gsm)
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Semi-automatic setup, Auto-feed Paper Folders

1.Standard PF-P280 Paper Folder

Item #: FOLEPFP280R

Standard PF-P280 Paper Folder

Description: The Standard PF-P280 paper folder is designed to produce one fold quickly and cleanly at a very economical price. This product has been rated as a medium volume paper folder.
Paper Size:2.6 x 3.4 in.
11 x 17 in.
Paper Weight:13# to 70#
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2.Standard Horizon PF-P3100

Item #: FOLEPFP3100

Standard Horizon PF-P3100

Description: Fold paper quickly at variable speeds with the Standard Horizon PF-P3100 desktop paper folder. This paper folder is capable of folding up to 240 sheets per minute at its highest speed.
Paper Size:2.56 x 4.26 in. to
11.88 x 17 in.
Paper Weight:16# to 80#
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