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Stapler Guide

Why use a stapler?

Stapling is the most common form of binding used in the world today. You wouldn?t think that a stapler would bind, but that is exactly what it does. It takes a group of unorganized papers and binds them together by use of a small piece of metal. Staplers are used for a wide variety of projects. They are commonly used in the office to keep documents organized. Staplers are used to staple as little as two sheets of paper, and higher-end staplers can staple stacks of paper together. Staplers are very popular in the printing and book industry for creating small booklets. A saddle stapler will put two to three staples along the spine of a book to help keep it together. This guide will go into more detail on the different kinds of staplers available today.

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Things to consider before purchasing a stapler.

What will you be stapling?
Be sure you know what type of paper you will be stapling and how thick it is. Different staplers are capable of stapling different amounts of paper. We sell simple manual staplers that you would use on your desk up to heavy-duty electric staplers that are capable of stapling through dozens of sheets of paper. Will you be stapling flat sheets of paper? Some staplers are capable of saddle stapling as well. Saddle stapling is the process of stapling stacks of paper along the spine for making booklets and pamphlets. We also sell heavy-duty stitchers that take a spool of wire and bind paper together with metal wire. There are several gauges and lengths of staples. Be sure your stapler can handle the stapling depths you need. Some staplers, even heavy-duty staplers, can only handle certain lengths of staples.

What are your future needs?
Always be sure to take into consideration what your future stapling needs may be. You never want to be stuck with a machine that doesn?t do what you need it do. Although it may cost more up front, investing in a stapler that can support your future nees.

What will your daily stapling volume be?
The type of stapler you purchase will depend entirely on the volume you will be stapling. You can purchase a manual or electric version of several staplers. Heavy-duty manual staplers can staple just as much paper as an electric stapler. The advantage is with the speed. An electric stapler is capable of stapling much faster than a manual stapler. If you will only be stapling on an occasional basis, a manual stapler may be all you need. Electric staplers are great if you staple on a daily or even weekly basis. We have a wide variety of both manual and electric staplers to choose from.

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What are the different types of staplers?

Manual Desktop Staplers
hand staplers, normal staplers Manual desktop staplers are the most common types of staplers available. They can be found on the desks of just about any office. The maximum amount of papers that they can typically staple is 20. They are great for occasional stapling and organizing paper. Most manual desktop staplers use the same type of staples, with a length of about 1/4-inch. The biggest difference between manual desktop staplers is usually the visual design. These inexpensive staplers are lightweight, and can easily be taken from one location to another.

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Electric Staplers
electric staplers, automatic staplers Electric staplers help quicken the pace when stapling large volumes of paper. Electric staplers use a motor to press down on the staple head. Electric staplers are available in a wide range of models. Some electric staplers are available in a hand-held unit for office stapling. Most electric staplers are designed for higher volume stapling. Electric staplers are available in both flat and saddle stapling designs. Most electric staplers use either a button, a micro switch or a foot pedal for stapling. Some staplers have all three.

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Grouped Staplers
grouped staplers or multiple staplers Some staplers can be grouped together. An example of this would be the Rapid 106 stapler. It has a cable connection that can allow it to be linked with other Rapid 106 staplers. This is advantageous for stapling booklets. You can link up to three Rapid 106 staplers and have them all staple together. This allows you to put three staples in a booklet at once. Grouping kits are sold with the Rapid 106 that allowing grouping to be set up.

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Saddle Stapling
saddle staplers Saddle stapling takes a group of papers, usually folded down the middle, and places a staple down the spine. Saddle staplers have a V shaped anvil that allows the papers to be properly placed for booklet stapling. Saddle staplers are available in both manual and electric models. Many saddle staplers are also capable of flat stapling as well. It is ideal, with electric saddle staplers, to have a foot pedal that can be used. This allows you to use both hands. It is most common to use two or three staples in the spine of a booklet.

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Heavy-Duty Staplers
heavy duty staplers Heavy-duty staplers are capable of stapling through large stacks of paper. Just because a stapler is labeled as heavy-duty, doesn?t mean that it can it can staple quickly. It simply means it can staple through a lot at once. Some of our heavy-duty staplers can staple through up to 100+ sheets of paper. Heavy-duty staplers are available in both manual and electric models. Heavy-duty staplers are the workhorses of our stapler selection.

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stitchers Stitchers are not your typical stapler. Stitchers use spools of metal, like a sewing machine, to bind sheets of paper together. Stitchers can bind large amounts of paper together quickly and are ideal for high-volume binding. Some stitchers can bind up to one-inch of paper at a time. The spools of wire that are used with stitchers are available in a wide variety of gauges and thickness. Spools of wire can be changed out in less than five minutes.

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Stapler Supplies and Accessories
stapler accessories and stapler supplies We sell a variety of stapler supplies and accessories. Besides carrying a wide variety of staples, we also sell staple removers. Staple removers are a must-have when stapling. We also sell stapler stands that can be used in conjunction with table-mounted staplers. These stands are portable and adjustable.

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Anvil - The anvil is located on the bottom of the stapler. It is where the staple head comes down on to bend the staple around the back of the paper.

Auto Switch - An auto switch is a sensor located within a stapler that automatically staples paper when triggered.

Bench Mount - Some staplers include a bench mount that allows them to be mounted to tables.

Flat - Flat stapling is the most common type of stapling. It is simply used to bind one document to another. Desk-side staplers use flat stapling.

Foot Pedal - Some electric staples use foot pedals for stapling. This frees up the hands and allows for easy positioning of paper.

Gauge - In relation to stapling, the gauge is the thickness of the staple that you are using.

Gooseneck - Saddle staplers feature what?s known as a gooseneck. This space allows papers to be easily placed on the saddle for stapling. The size of the gooseneck will determine the size of paper that can be saddle stapled.

Grouping - The process of linking one or more electric staplers together is known as grouping.

Lateral Guides - Lateral guides make it easy for you to precisely staple on paper. The guides will allow you to properly position your paper.

Micro Switch - A micro switch is a sensor located within a stapler that automatically staples paper when triggered.

Saddle - The saddle portion of a saddle stapler is the V-shaped base where paper is placed prior to stapling.

Staple - Staples are metal strips, usually in the shape of an open-ended square, that are used to physically group paper together.

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