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Staplex Brand Staplers and Letter Openers

Staplex is a manufacturer of staplers designed for unique and high-volume stapling tasks. Staplers vary from flat stapling to saddle stapling. Some staplers include multiple stapling heads. Staplex staplers help streamline stapling projects by creating staplers for a variety of unique jobs. We have guaranteed low prices on all our Staplex staplers. Order yours today!


TBS-1 Tabster Electric Wafer Tabber

Description: Quickly apply tabs in seconds with the TBS-1 Tabster tabbing machine. It is ideal for use with businesses, schools, religious groups, clubs, organizations, print shops and more.
Speed:depends on user
Size:1 inch tabs


Staplex TBS-1.5 Tabster Electric Tabber

Description: This machine adheres rto U.S. Postal Service regulations and holds a roll of 1? or 1.5? tabs. Tabs may be perforated or non-perforated. Made in the USA, the Tabster TBS1.5 is very well built, compact, ideal for desktop use and can be used for a variety of mailing applications.
Speed:depends on user
Size:1 or 1.5 inch tabs


Manual Heavy Duty Staplers

Staplex 150p Manual Stapler

Description: The Staplex HD-150P is a prime example of a universal / multi-purpose heavy-duty stapler. The HD-150P can be used with up to 6 different sizes of staples and has a maximum stapling capacity of up to 140 sheets with 20# paper.
Type:Heavy Capacity Manual Stapler
Max. Stapling:140


Staplex HD-350 Manual Stapler

Description: If you’re stapling stacks of paper, you may want to consider one with a high stapling capacity like the Staplex HD-350 extra heavy capacity stapler.
Type:Extra Heavy Capacity Manual Stapler
Max. Stapling:185


Letter Opener / Envelope Openers

Staplex MA-1 Letter Opener

Description: The model MA-1 AccuSlitter mail opener opens mail by making a precision slit across the underside of the envelope - not completely through. Mail is quickly and safely opened without cutting off envelope tops or damaging contents!
Capacity:Operator dependent
Maximum Envelope Thickness:3/16"


Staplex MA-500 Envelope Opener

Description: Using patented technology, the model MA-500 AccuSlitter mail opener makes a laser-like, precision slit across the underside of envelopes - not completely through. This letter opener quickly and safely opens mail.
Capacity:15,000 envelopes/hour
Maximum Envelope Thickness:3/16"

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Electric Staplers

Staplex S10P Electric Stapler

Description: The Staplex S10P stapler is the perfect replacement for a handheld paper stapler. This stapler conveniently fits in the palm of your hand, but is completely electric! It can be used to staple up to 10 sheets of 20# paper at a time. Order yours today!
Max Stapling:10


Staplex SL Desktop Electric Stapler

Description: The Staplex SL is a fully electric desktop stapler that is not only easy to use, but also produces excellent results. The cinch is closed and solid every time. With only 2 moving parts, the Staplex SL holds up well with continued use.
Max Stapling:18


Staplex ST Executive Electric Stapler

Description: The Staplex ST Executive Electric Stapler is compact, fits just about anywhere on a desk and features an extremely small footprint. Weighing 9n at only 2 ½" pounds, the Staplex ST is perfect for just about any office.
Max Stapling:18


Staplex Little Giant Series Electric Staplers

Description: The Staplex SJM-1N Little Giant line of automatic electric staplers is one of the most popular electric single-head staplers available today! The stapling depth is adjustable up to 3" and the front-loading "pop-out" design for loading staples is extremely easy to use.
Max Stapling:20

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Staplex S-54N Series Electric Stapler

Description: The Staplex S-54N stapler is available in 5 different versions, depending on the required stapling capacity, needed stapling depth, method of stapling (foot switch / automatic trip) and much more.
Max Stapling:25
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Electric Heavy Duty Staplers

Staplex S-RDN/S-RDNF Thick Wire Electric Stapler

Description: The Staplex S-RDN stapler uses a durable motor and solenoid system that ensures a tight clinch every time. This stapler is extremely popular for stapling padded shipping bags, kraft stock, chipboard and thick clam shell blister packaging.
Type:Thick Wire Stapler
Max. Stapling:-

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Staplex S-700-1NHL Long Reach Electric Stapler

Description: The Staplex S-700-1NHL Long Reach Electric Stapler is perfect for heavy stapling. It can be adjusted to a depth of 9-1/4 inches and can staple through 40 sheets of paper.
Type:Long Reach Stapler
Max. Stapling:40


Staplex SS-45NHL Electric Saddle Stapler

Description: Saddle stapling makes it easy to staple paper along the edge, spine or seem of the paper. The Staplex SS-45NHL is a dual capacity saddle and flat stapler with a pop-out front-loading tray and the ability to use 3 different sizes of staples.
Max. Stapling:40 Sheets


Staplex S-620NHL Electric Stapler

Description: If you need a dual head electric stapler that can be used with long staples for added capacity, you may want to purchase a stapler like the Staplex S-620NHL. This dual capacity stapler can staple up to 40 sheets of 20# bond paper at a time using Staplex Type LL (Long Leg) staples. Both staples are activated at the same time for simultaneous operation. This cuts the time in half for dual stapling versus using a single head stapler twice.
Type:Dual Capacity, Double Header Stapler
Max. Stapling:40 Sheets of 20 lbs. Paper


Staplex S-620NFS Electric Stapler

Description: If you need a stapler specifically designed to help apply header cards, the Staplex S-620NFS may be just the stapler for you. This electric stapler can be used with header cards 4" and wider. It features two staplers that are designed to work in unison along with an included foot pedal. The stapler heads protrude, allowing for easy card positioning and inserting. Order yours today!
Type:Double Header, Footswitch Activated Stapler
Max. Stapling:20 Sheets of 20 lbs. Paper


Staplex SU-100N Ultra Heavy Duty Stapler

Description: Do you need a high-capacity stapler capable of continuous heavy-duty stapling? If so, you may want to consider using the Staplex SU-100N ULTRA heavy-duty electric stapler, made in the USA. This stapler is capable of stapling up to 100 sheets of 20# paper at a time simply by pressing a foot switch.
Type:Heavy Capacity Stapler
Max. Stapling:100

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Staplex S-620NRD Thick Wire Double Headed Stapler

Description: Are you in need of an electric stapler with dual stapling heads? If so, the Staplex S-620N double header electric stapler is just the machine you need. This is an excellent solution for stapling paper, cardboard, header cards and more.
Type:Thick Wire, Double Headed
Max. Stapling:40

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Staplex S-630NHL Dual Capacity

Description: If you need reliable performance and extreme capacity, the Staplex S-630NHL is a great option. This stapler has a 40 sheet stapling capacity (based on 20# bond paper) and uses a total of three stapling heads.
Type:Triple Header Stapler, Dual Capacity
Max. Stapling:40

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Staplex S-630NFS w/ Footswitch

Description: If you need absolute precision in your stapling jobs and would like the freedom of being able to use a foot pedal, the Staplex S-630NFS is a great option. This triple header electric stapler features three stapling heads that simultaneously staple material at the press of a foot switch.
Type:Triple Header, Footswitch
Max. Stapling:40


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