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Binding Machines, Paper Cutters, Laminators and more from Tamerica

Tamerica is a leading manufacturer of binding machines, paper cutters, laminators and much more. This line also includes products from Tahsin. These products provide an affordable option for businesses and individuals. Tamerica's products, such as their binding machines, offer many features typically found in higher-end machines in their entry and mid-level products. Browse through our wide selection and order your Tamerica office equipment today!


Tamerica Binding Workstation

Description: The Tamerica WS Binding Workstation is a compact, portable and easy-to-use cart. It features a solid work surface that can be used to hold and support binding machines, laminators, folding machines and much more.
Capacity:50 lbs
Storage:6 Sliding Shelves
1 Top Rack



Description: The Tamerica LWS-1 laminator cart is perfect for holding most 25" and 27" roll laminators. A series of two shelves make it easy to hold laminating rolls. This cart is extremely tough, very durable and is perfect as a laminating work station. Heavy-duty casters make the LWS-1 easy to move around and is perfect for storage purposes.
Capacity:100 lbs
Storage:1 Metal Rack


Wire Binding Closers

Tamerica DURAWIRE CLOSER 450 Wire Closer

Wire Size:3:1 & 2:1


Manual Velobind Machines

Tamerica V2000-Pro

Description: Finally! An alternative to GBC for Velobinding books. The new Tamerica V2000-Pro Securebind binding machine can punch and bind books using the popular Velobind format. It can be used for legal and letter-size binding.
Punches:1/8" (3mm) thickness (about 20-22 sheets)


Thermal Roll Laminators 30" - 63"

Tamerica TCC-1200 Roll Laminator

Description: 1-side & 2-side laminating. Auto-releasing paper/ reverse button. Max. laminating thickness: 10mil. Laminating width: 45?. Tension adjustment. Silicon rollers for enhanced laminating. Mounting capability: 3/16?, 1/4?, 1/2?, 9/16?. Vacuumed table for smooth feeding. .
Max Width:45"
Max Thickness:10 mil


TCC1655-HC 65" Wide Format Hot & Cold Roll Laminator

Description: The Tamerica TCC-1655 65'' roll laminator s a commercial-duty hot and cold laminator suitable for a production environment. It can perform single or double sided lamination and mounting of materials up to 65 inches wide.
Max Width:
Max Thickness:


Thermal Roll Laminators 12" - 27"

Tahsin TCC 2700 Roll Laminator

Description: The Tahsin TCC2700 roll laminator from Tamerica is both affordable and reliable. It can be used to laminate posters, paper, signs and more up to 27 inches wide. The TCC2700 is one of the most affordable roll laminators capable of handling laminating film up to 10 mils thick. The TCC2700 not only laminates thinner documents, but can also be used to mount material up to 1/4 inch thick.
Max Width:27"
Max Thickness:10 mil

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Tamerica TCC-2700-EP Roll Laminator

Description: 1-side & 2-side laminating. Max. laminating width: 27?. Max. laminating thickness: 10mil. Max. laminating speed: 5?/min. Variable speed & temperature control. Max. mounting capacity: ?? boards. Auto shut-off. Feed tray & front shield sensors. Temperature memory function. 4 rear fans w/ on/off switch
Max Width:27 inches
Max Thickness:10 mil


Tamerica 2700-HC Roll Laminator

Description: 1-side & 2-side laminating. W/ take-up roller for cold lamination. W/ middle de-curling bar. W/ back pull bar. On/off switch for bottom roller heat. Max. laminating width: 27?. Max. laminating thickness: 10mil. Max. laminating speed: 5?/min. Max. OD for top film: 11?. Max. mounting capacity: ?? boards
Max Width:27"
Max Thickness:10 mil


6" to 9" Wide

Tamerica (Tahsin) TCC160 Hot Pouch Laminator

Description: The Tahsin TCC160 from Tamerica is the perfect laminator for use with small to medium-size laminating pouches. The TCC160 has a 6 1/4" mouth and features 4 high-quality silicon rollers. These rollers help smooth out laminating film and creates professional-looking jobs. The TCC160 features a durable metal housing and includes convenient separate heat and motor controls. This laminator even includes an adjustable temperature control.
Max Width:6 1/4" (160mm)
Max Thickness:10 mil (250 mic)
Volume Use:Medium


Tamerica (Tahsin) TCC230 4-Roller Pouch Laminator

Description: Tamerica pouch laminators are some of the best available and the Tahsin TCC230 is no exception. This tough little laminator can handle thick laminating pouches up to 10 mils thick and is capable of laminating documents up to 9 inches wide. The TCC230 is tough enough to be used all day long, yet is compact enough that it is reasonably portable.
Max Width:9" (230 mm)
Max Thickness:10 mil (250 mic)
Volume Use:Medium


12" to 13" Wide

Tamerica Tahsin TCC330 Commercial Thermal Pouch Laminator

Description: Do you need to laminate signs, covers, certificates and other material up to 13 inches wide? If so, you should seriously consider using the Tahsin TCC330 from Tamerica. This tough little laminator can keep up with the best of them. The TCC330 utilizes a metal design and metal components, allowing it to hold up well with continued use. A continuous-duty motor allows the operator to use it all day long. Separate temperature and motor switches help prolong the life of critical components.
Max Width:13" (330 mm)
Max Thickness:10 mil (250 mic)
Volume Use:High


Tamerica (Tahsin) TCC6000 High Quality Photo Pouch Laminator

Description: The Tahsin TCC6000 from Tamerica is one of the toughest and most affordable photo laminators available. It utilizes laminating pouches to protect, preserve and enhance photographs. The TCC6000 can be used with laminating film from 3 mils to 10 mils thick. The digital control panel is extremely easy to set up. The TCC6000 can be used to laminate documents up to 12 inches wide, and thanks to a continuous-duty motor, laminating can be done all day long.
Max Width:12"
Max Thickness:10 mil (250 mic)
Volume Use:High


Binding Comb Openers

Tamerica 240 HB Comb Opener

Bind Capacity:--


Manual Binding & Punching Machines

Tamerica VersaBind

Description: Are you having trouble settling on any one binding format? You may want to consider using the Tamerica Versabind. This book binding machine can bind books in comb, wire and coil. This is all due to an interchangeable punching die system. Simply insert the punching die you want and start binding. This includes 19-ring comb, 2:1 pitch wire, 3:1 pitch wire and 4:1 pitch coil. Order yours today!
Punch Capacity:Comb: 20 Sheets, Coil: 20 Sheets, Wire: 20 Sheets
Bind Capacity:Comb: 2", Wire: 1 1/4", Coil: 50 mm


Manual Wire Binding Machines

Tamerica TPW-3200 Wire Binding Machine

Punches:12 Sheets
Binds:120 Sheets


TW-2100 - TW-3100 - Wire Binding Machine

Description: The Tahsin TW-2100 (2:1 pitch) and TW-3100 (3:1 pitch) wire binding machines provide and easy and effective way to bind books. Both machines are similar in operation. The TW-2100 punches two holes per inch and the TW-3100 punches three holes per inch.
Punches:20 Sheets (20 # Paper)
Binds:250 Sheets (20 # Paper)
Pitch:2:1 or 3:1

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Omegawire-321 Combination Wire 3:1 and 2:1 Machine



Manual Comb Binding Machines

Optimus-21 Optimus-21 Manual

Punch Capacity:Comb: 15 Sheets
Bind Capacity:up to 2" thick


Tamerica TCC-2100

Description: Are you tired of straining and sweating as you try to punch paper for comb bound books? Consider using the Tamerica TCC-2100. This comb binding machine features an extra-long punching handle that is leveraged for continuous use. It can easily slice through up to 20 sheets of 20# paper at a time. Order your Tamerica TCC-2100 today!
Punch Capacity:Comb: 20 Sheets
Bind Capacity:2"


Manual Coil / Spiral Binding Machines

Tamerica TPC-4600 Coil Binding Machine

Punch Capacity:15 Sheets


Tamerica TCC-SP41 Banding Machine

Description: Easily coil bind paper and documents up to 14" long, including A4 & B5 paper sizes, with the Tamerica TCC-SP41 manual coil binding machine. This coil binder has a four-position punching depth which is a great feature for varying thicknesses of books. It also has disengaging punching dies, which allows the operator to select which dies will punch.
Punch Capacity:20 Sheets of 20 lbs. Paper


Optimus-46i Optimus-46i

Punch Capacity:15 sheets of 20 lb bond paper


Manual Paper Cutters - Guillotines

GuilloMax Manual Paper Cutter

Description: Cut up to 325 sheets of 20lb paper with the Tamerica Guillomax paper cutter. The Guillomax feature all-metal construction and is perfect for cutting down paper to custom sizes. As an added bonus, this paper cutter comes with a stand.
Cutting Width:17" (432 mm)
Cutting Capacity:325 sheets of new 20lb paper


Tamerica GuilloMax - Plus

Description: Quickly and safety cut up to 750 sheets at a time with the Tamerica Guillomax guillotine stack paper cutter. This industrial cutter features a laser guide for precision and a wheel-driven paper clamp. Thanks to a protective shied, and a safety lock, this paper cutter is a very safe machine to use.
Cutting Width:18" (457mm)
Cutting Capacity:800 sheets of 20lb paper


Electric Comb Binding Machines

TCC-2100-E Binding Machine

Description: Comb biding books is easier than ever thanks to the TCC2100-E electric comb binding machine from Tamerica. This durable machine has an electric motor capable of punching up to 15 sheets of paper at a time. It can handle paper up to 12-inches long (21 total holes). The punching depth can be adjusted to handle different thicknesses of books.
Punch Capacity:15 Sheets of 20 lbs. Paper
Bind Capacity:2"


Electric Coil / Spiral Binding Machines

Optimus-46HD Heavy Duty Coil binding machine w/ oval holes

Description: Tamerica's OPTIMUS-46HD Electric Coil Binding Machine machine enables you to produce more books faster by saving you time. Both the punch and binding functions are controlled by a foot pedal. Sheets load into this machine horizontally, parallel with the tabletop and the machine dies punch downward.
Punch Capacity:28 Sheets


Electric Punching & Manual Binding Machines

Opticombo-341 Combination Wire (3:1) and Coil (4:1) Machine

Description: The Tamerica Opticombo-341 Coil Punch Binding Machine saves time and money. The Tamerica Opticombo-341 Coil Punch Binding Machine Machine can help you will all your binding tasks. The is a manual paper punching with the capability up to 20 sheets and a binding capacity of up to 2". It has a 1 year manufacturer warranty.
Punch Capacity:20 sheets
Bind Capacity:Wire: 120 sheets / Coil: 220 sheets


Tamerica VersaBind-E

Description: Use a wide range of binding formats with the versatile Versabind-E. This binding machine uses interchangeable punching dies to bind comb, 2:1 wire, 3:1 wire and 4:1 coil. This is great for people who like multiple formats, but don't want to buy different machines.
Punch Capacity:Comb: 20 Sheets, Coil: 20 Sheets
Bind Capacity:Comb: 2", Wire: 1 1/4", Coil: 50 mm


Omega-4in1 Combination Wire, Coil, and Comb Machine

Description: The Tamerica Omega-4in1 Electric Binding Machine With 4 dies saves time and money. The Tamerica Omega-4in1 Electric Binding Machine With 4 dies by Tamerica will help you stay on top of all your wire binding tasks.
Punch Capacity:
Bind Capacity:


Coil / Spiral Inserters

Tamerica Duracoil EI Coil Inserter

Description: Are you growing tired of manually inserting spirals and coils into your book binding projects? Using a separate electric coil inserter will help speed things up. The Tamerica Duracoil EI is a solid piece of machinery designed to insert coils into pre-punched coil holes in just seconds. It can be used next to an existing machine for convenience or to speed up operations


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