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Lazzy Suzan Accumulators and Turntables

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Lazzy Suzan Accumulators and accumulator turntables are designed to take products from a heat tunnel or conveyor for organization and storage purposes. They spin around using centrifugal force to help keep products nice and organized for later removal or packaging purposes. Our accumulators are made from high quality materials and can be adjusted to accommodate most conveyors, shrink wrap machines and heat tunnels. Our Lazy Suzan Accumulators are designed to be used next to heat tunnels and shrink wrap machines, where our accumulator turntables are designed to be used in a conveyor system. Place your order today!

Lazy Susan Turntables and Product Accumulators

PP36LS 36" Lazy Susan

Description: If you’re looking for a reliable and convenient way to handle smaller packaged and shrink wrapped products as they leave your machine, consider using the PP36LS Lazy Susan Product Accumulator.


PP48LS 48" Lazy Suzan

Description: The PP48LS accumulator is 48" in diameter and can be adjusted in height from 32" up to 39". You can buy this in a regular or stainless steel design. This is a great way to take, handle and accumulate products as they leave a heat tunnel or shrink wrap machine.


PP60LS 60" Lazy Suzan

Description: If you’re in need of a large Lazy Suzan style product accumulator, the PP60LS is just what you need. This accumulator has a large 60" diameter that can handle a lot of stuff at once. It can be set to spin anywhere from zero to 12 rounds a minute.


PP-48ATSS 48" Bottle Accumulator

Description: If you need a reliable turntable where your bottles can be offloaded from a conveyor, the PP-48ATSS is an option to consider. This turntable sits on four adjustable feet that can be used to level the machine or raise / lower it.


PP-36ATSS 36" Bottle Accumulator

Description: The PP-36ATSS is a 36" diameter turntable that can be added to an existing line. The top of this turntable is available in a stainless steel or polyethylene design and it is manufactured in a perfect circle.


PP-60ATSS 60" Bottle Accumulator

Description: The PP-60ATSS is one of the largest accumulation turntables that we offer. It is designed to take filled bottles off of a conveyor. They can easily be integrated into existing systems.


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