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**Condition Ratings of Used Office Equipment

5 Stars (): Excellent - Used as showroom demo equipment.
4 Stars  (): Very Good - Cosmetic Scratches and dings, but does not affect the performance.
3 Stars   (): Good - Used, but in good condition.
2 Stars    (): Fair - Worn condition, but still performs fairly well. Should last for some time.
1 Star       (): Usable - Well worn equipment.


  • Used and demo products are non-returnable.
  • All used and demo products have a 30-day warranty.
  • Limited to supplies on hand.

These used paper folders are designed to create letter folds and many can also create accordion folds, V folds, double parallel folds and much more. These are electrically operated and automatically pull paper in and fold it. This is a huge time saver over manually folding paper. Lock in this great price and buy your used paper folding machine from ABC Office today!"; if($_GET["category"]=="shrink-wrap-machines") $extraHype = "Shrink wrap machines and vacuum sealers provide a great way to package or protect a product for retail sale. Our selection of used shrink wrap machines and vacuum sealers includes I-bar sealers, L-bar shrink wrap machines, chamber sealers and more. Many of these machines are customer returns, showroom models or have slight cosmetic surface wear. All are in like new working condition and all have a warranty. These products have been significantly discounted from the retail price. This is a great way to get a shrink wrap machine or vacuum food sealer that you want but could never afford. Lock in these great deals and buy your used shrink wrap machine or vacuum food sealer today!"; if($_GET["category"]=="cut1") $extraHype = "We offer one of the best selections of used paper cutters, trimmers, business card cutters and other paper cutting equipment available online. This huge selection includes demo floor models, products that have light cosmetic scuffs or products that have been returned in \"new\" condition. These products are all in 100% working order and all carry a warranty. Our selection of paper cutting equipment includes guillotine trimmers, rotary cutters, business card slitters, stack paper cutters and much more. We are continually selling and adding used paper cutters, so be sure to check back often. Buy your used paper cutter or trimmer today!"; if($_GET["category"]=="lam1") $extraHype = "Buying a used laminator is a great way to get a roll or pouch laminator that is like new, covered by a warranty and is a fraction the cost of a new one. We have a great selection of display floor laminators and customer returns that are in new condition. This includes Fellowes, Banner American, Tamerica, Xyron, GBC and many others. We are constantly adding and removing laminators from our used list, so be sure to check back often. If you don't like the price listed, be sure to make us an offer. We would love to get you a great deal on a laminator. Take advantage of these rock-bottom prices and buy your used roll laminator or used pouch laminator today!"; if($_GET["category"]=="db1") $extraHype = "Display racks, magazine holders and brochure racks are great for holding and displaying a wide variety of literature. At ABC Office we offer a great selection of used magazine and display racks. These racks are in like-new condition, with many simply being customer returns or floor models. These look like new and offer you an affordable option to buying a magazine rack or brochure holder for your school, library, business or church. We offer wall mounted designs, freestanding models and more. Check back often as we are continually adding and removing racks. Take advantage of this great price and buy your used display rack or magazine holder today!"; if($_GET["category"]=="money1") $extraHype = "We offer a huge selection of used coin counters, bill counters and counterfeit detectors. These money counters and detectors are in excellent condition, with many being demo floor models or customer returns where the customer upgraded to a different machine. These are in like new condition, have been tested by our Service Department and carry a warranty. This includes high-end bill counters that can handle counting thousands of bills a minute as well as coin counters that can quickly sort through and count coins and tokens. Our bill scanners and counterfeit bill detectors are excellent to have on hand in any business that handles money on a regular basis. Check out our huge selection regularly as products are continually being added and removed. Buy your used coin counter, used bill counter or used counterfeit detector today!"; if($_GET["category"]=="present1") $extraHype = " These machines, and supplies, are priced to move. These machines and supplies are completely new and guaranteed to work. The only reason they are discounted is to try and free up more space in our warehouse to make room for new stock. Each of these products and supplies come in their original packaging and carry a warranty. Place your order today!"; if($_GET["category"]=="staple1") $extraHype = "Whether you simply need to staple a few sheets of paper on your desk, or you need to staple cardboard for packaging purposes, we may have a used stapler for you. Our used stapler index features our showroom / demo models, customer returns and staplers that may have some cosmetic issues. Regardless the reason for being \"used,\" our used stapler index offers some great deals. These staplers are guaranteed to work, feature a warranty and are available for far less than a new model. This index is continually changing, so please check back often. Supplies are limited. Lock in your price and place an order today!"; if($_GET["category"]=="photo-id-systems") $extraHype = "If you produce your own in-house photo ID badges or need the capability to produce legally-binding digital signatures, you may want to take a look at our used / showroom photo ID equipment. This great selection of machines includes digital ID card printers, composite ID card cameras, die cutters, digital signature capture pads and more. These are products that have been returned in new condition or have been used on our showroom for demonstrations. These products are guaranteed to work and have been heavily discounted from the normal selling price. Browse through this great selection and buy your used photo ID equipment today!"; if($_GET["category"]=="photo-id-supplies") $extraHype = "If you need some heavily discounted photo ID supplies or accessories, you may want to check out our used / showroom ID supplies. This includes camera stands and other accessories that have either been used on our showroom floor or that were recently returned in new condition. These accessories and supplies have been heavily discounted and provide you with an affordable way to get the supplies you need most. Order yours today!"; if($_GET["category"]=="mail1") $extraHype = "Whether you need to package a box for mailing purposes, or you need to open letters at lightening fast speeds, you can save money with our used and demo products. This includes automatic letter opening machines, inflatable packaging machines and other machines designed to make packaging and mailing easier. These products are either floor models, products that are in 100% working condition with light cosmetic scuffs or products that have been returned in exchange for something else. These products contain a warranty had are heavily discounted from the \"new\" price.

Please feel free to call us at 1-800-658-8788 to speak with one of our Customer Service Representatives with any questions about our used / demo products. Take advantage of this great price and buy yours today!"; if($_GET["category"]=="paper1") $extraHype = "Whether you need to burst continuous forms apart, or you need to quickly tab folded sheets of paper for mailing purposes, we have a paper handling machine for you. This great selection of used products includes collators, bursters, tabbers and more. This list is continually changing. These products are either lightly used floor models, cosmetically scuffed products in shipping or customer returns. These machines have been certified by our Service Technician and are in complete working order. They are in \"new\" condition and are guaranteed to work. This is a great way to save money on a machine that you may otherwise not be able to afford. Lock in this great price and order yours today!"; if($_GET["category"]=="printer1") $extraHype = "Whether you need printing equipment or supplies, ABC Office has a great selection of used office equipment. This selection includes foil fusing machines, foil stampers, embossing machines, digital duplicators and more. These products have been significantly discounted from the retail price, which means a huge savings for you. These products are in like new condition and are typically considered used only because they were on our showroom floor, were returned or have slight cosmetic damage that does not affect the machine. Our selection is changing on a regular basis, so be sure to check back often. Buy your used printing equipment today!"; if($_GET["category"]=="secure1") $extraHype = "Keep tabs on your home or business by using used security cameras and equipment from ABC Office. This great selection of equipment includes traditional black & white cameras, full color cameras, hidden cameras, wireless security systems, lenses and more. These products, while used, are in like new condition. They are typically showroom models, returned \"new\" products or cosmetically flawed products. Our used security cameras carry a warranty and are guaranteed to work. These cameras are priced to sell. Take advantage of these great prices and buy your used security camera or security equipment today!"; if($_GET["category"]=="timerec1") $extraHype = "If you're looking for a reliable employee time clock for the office, you should take a good look at our selection of used time clocks and time recorders. These time clocks, from reputable manufacturers, are in like new condition and are guaranteed to work. Listed brands often include uAttend, Acroprint, PTI and many others. These time clocks are often simply floor models that are used for demonstration purposes only. Others are either customer returns (in new condition) or suffered light cosmetic damage in shipping but are otherwise fine. This list of used time clocks changes as we add and remove machines, so be sure to check back frequently. Take advantage of these lower-than-new prices and buy yours today!"; $queryUsed = "SELECT items.*,price.Price,price.Retail, C.Description, MainCatInfo.AnchorText FROM items, price, Category C, MainCatInfo WHERE items.Code=price.Code AND C.memberof=items.memberof AND (C.MainCat ='".$_GET["category"]."' or MainCatInfo.OneLevelUp='".$_GET["category"]."') AND items.used_YN<>0 AND ABC_YN <> 0 And C.SiteName='ABC Site' AND C.SiteName=MainCatInfo.SiteName AND C.MainCat=MainCatInfo.MainCat ORDER BY C.MainCat"; $resultUsed = mysql_query($queryUsed) or die ("QueryUsed Failed"); $UsedNum=1; $LastSKU = ""; $first = true; while ($datUsed = mysql_fetch_array($resultUsed)) { if($first==true) { print "\n


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