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Package solid foods, liquids and other materials with a shrink wrap system. We have a great selection of chamber-style vacuum sealers that help package and preserve pretty much anything. Take a look at our great selection!
These vacuum sealers consist of channel and nozzle designs. These are the sealers that involve placing the open end of a vacum pouch into the sealing bar from the outside of the machine. We currently offer many different models.
Vacuum sealers are one of the most important tools for packaging and preserving food. They are also used to produce sterile and reliable packaging for medical supplies, instruments and much more. These supplies are available to you at a guaranteed low price. Place your order today!
Do you want to quickly shrink down excess plastic when vacuum sealing products? Use a hot water dip tank. Simply dip your vacuum sealed product and the excess plastic will quickly shrink down.
Whether you are an amateur at home or a professional chef, you benefit from using a hot water circulator for your Sous Vide cooking. These water circulators are designed to attach to the side of a round or square tank and help keep the water temperature precise for perfect results.
If you want to package or preserve food or other items in an air-free environment, or if you simply want food friendly packaging, you may need a vacuum food sealer. Our great selection of vacuum sealers includes both external vacuum sealers and chamber vacuum sealers. Both of these formats produce great results. The format you use will depend on the volume, size and frequency of your packaging. External sealers are generally used for low to medium-volume packaging, where chamber vacuum sealers are used for medium to high-volume packaging. Our great selection of machines are designed and made from some of the best materials possible. Our most popular brand of vacuum sealer are those made by Minipack, which are made in Italy. We offer a great selection of external and chamber sealers that can be used for packaging beef, chicken, fruits, vegetables, soup, liquids and much more. Buy your vacuum sealing machine today!


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