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Vacuum Sealer Guide

Vacuum sealing foods.

Immediately after an animal is killed or crops reaped, their edible portions begin to biodegrade. This process can be lengthened enormously by disallowing air to come into contact with the food; a procedure called "vacuum sealing." Vacuum sealers, the machines used in the procedure, wrap the food item in a plastic bag and then remove the air from it by creating a vacuum. The process prevents oxidation, the decomposition that occurs when oxygen breaks down the food's chemicals. Oxidation can seriously affect the quality of food. Without air, harmful bacteria cannot spread quickly. Vacuum sealers preserve food and stunt the growth of bacteria by removing the air from their breeding ground.

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Vacuum storing foods.

Zip bags and other forms of "freshness" storage can be good for keeping air out, but they trap air inside themselves as well. Only vacuum bags leave no room for air. When refrigerating meats, vacuum sealing prolongs their storage life up to five times that of other forms of preservation. Even freezing meat products can result in freezer burn or spoiling unless they are vacuum sealed. Before sealing meats, the products should be refrigerated. The cold air kills the organism that causes Botulism, a rare form of food poisoning that occurs even when the meat is sealed, if the vacuum isn't cold.

Modern chamber vacuum sealers can even be used to package and seal liquids and powders. This is due in part to the unique way that a chamber sealer operates, in which air is removed from the entire chamber, not just the bag. This is great for packaging juice, flour, batter mixes and much more. Sealing liquids and powders looks great, extends the shelf life and is great for transportation purposes.

Some mince meats and certain kinds of vegetables permeate gasses that form a bubble. These gasses, though for the most part are harmless, can potentially affect the vacuum seal. Most of the time, the items do not need to be re-sealed, but should be observed in case the moisture accumulates. Although vacuum sealing is the best way to maintain freshness, nothing can absolutely stop food from aging or alter the effects of nature once food has gone bad. All contaminated foods should be properly disposed of.

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Vacuum cooking foods.

"Sous vide" is the official term for cooking with vacuum bags. Sous vide means "under pressure," referring to the food that is sealed in a vacuum, not the pot or pan being used. Meals are prepared by sealing them in a bag and then boiling the bag. Cooking this way keeps the food separate from the cooking oils that can strip them of their nutrients. Sous vide also makes meats more tender and flavorful and vegetables healthier than regular boiling. Other foods like rice can also be sealed and cooked for maximum results.

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Vacuum containers.

When bags are not sufficient, specialty vacuum containers are available. A screw valve on the container attaches to the pump. To ensure the valve is unscrewed, simply start the pump. Then, apply pressure to both the tube attachment and container lid. The pump stops once a vacuum is formed inside the container. Remove the attachment and re-secure the valve to complete the process.

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Vacuum sealing benefits.

Whether for home or business use, there are many reasons to own a vacuum sealer. Just some of the things a vacuum sealer does: separates cooked and uncooked foods; protects pre-packaged goods; makes better shipping and delivering foods; eliminates bacteria; prevents diseases; provides sous vide cooking (refer to Vacuum cooking foods); prevents freezer burn; makes foods for vacations, camping trips or emergencies; stores longer; prepares healthier meals; maximizes flavor.

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