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Warehouse Equipment Guide

What Kind Of Warehouse Equipment Do I Need?

Warehouses are very diverse and vary in size from a home garage to a multi-thousand square foot area. Warehouses are used to ship almost everything we use, from food and electronics, to furniture and clothing. Because warehouses vary so much in size and functionality, the warehouse equipment varies as well.

Because packages and equipment are awkward, heavy and need to be moved around, equipment had been built to help assist with warehouse operations. A smaller warehouse may only need a simple hand truck, where a large warehouse may need a fully mechanized pallet lifter.

There are also many accessories that help assist with warehouse operations. A gravity conveyor may be used to help transport boxes to a loading dock. A box cutter may be used to help open boxes and remove products. Anti-fatigue mats can be used to help relieve stress put on workers feet. These are just a few examples of several accessories that you may want to consider using in your warehouse.

The most important thing in any warehouse is making sure things run smoothly. Smooth operations means customers, retailers and others will get their products, boxes and equipment in a timely manner. Smooth operations also means increased productivity and an increase in overall profits. Read through our guide and see if we have something that might help assist you and make your warehouse an easier, more efficient environment.

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Things to consider before purchasing warehouse equipment.

Is space an issue?
One of the first things we like to recommend when purchasing warehouse equipment is to take space into consideration. You don?t want to purchase a piece of warehouse equipment only to discover that you have nowhere to put it. Be sure to always check the dimensions of the equipment and make sure it will fit.

What kind of pallet jack do I need?
Pallet jacks vary in function. Some require manual effort where others are almost fully mechanized. Two pallet jacks will often do the exact same thing, but one will be manual and the other will have a motor and be mechanized. Manual equipment is typically less expensive, but usually takes more time and effort to operate. If you have a larger warehouse, I would recommend a mechanized pallet jack. We also sell pallet jacks that are specifically designed to move pallets, others that raise and lower pallets and others that do both. I would recommend speaking with a customer service representative if you have specific questions.

Do I need to purchase any warehouse accessories?
Warehouse accessories are sometimes an absolute necessity, such as a box cutter, where others are more of a convenience, such as our anti-fatigue mats. We also sell back support braces that help prevent back injury. Back support braces and anti-fatigue mats are used as a preventative measure to injury. We also sell people positioners and gravity conveyors that help increase productivity and the speed of warehouse operations.

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What are the different types of warehouse equipment?

Pallet Jacks / Lifters

Trans-Positioners / Transporters

Trans-positioners are designed to quickly move material and pallets from one location to another. They are great for lifting and moving pallets from a dock to an isle for storage. These are great for feeding and offloading pallets. They are also ideal for transporting loads from one part of your warehouse to another.

Lifter Transporters

A lifter transporter is very similar to a trans-positioner, but designed for a lower weight capacity. They have a small footprint and are ideal for use in small to mid-size warehouses. Our lifter transporter has a lifting capacity of 440 pounds, where some trans-positioners have a capacity of 3,000 pounds.

Trans-Stacker / Transporter

Our transporters/stackers are a perfect solution for moving heavy pallets from one shelf to another. Once under a pallet, our stackers can quickly lift and lower pallets. These are ideal for use in large warehouses where pallets are stacked or placed on shelves. Our biggest trans-stacker has a 3,000 pound weight capacity.

Unit Lifter / Transporter

Our pallet lifters and transporters are great for use with skids and open-bottom pallets. Our pallet lifters stably lift and lower pallets up to 3,300 pounds. These machines are a necessity in any warehouse.

Container Tilters

Ergo-tilts and container tilters are great for easily tilting heavy containers for work positioning. Our lifters are designed to roll under most containers and are great for machine feeding and offloading.

Pallet Truck

Our pallet jacks quickly transport pallets from one location to another with ease. Once under a pallet, the pallet is lifted off the ground for easy transportation. These are always used and seen in warehouses, grocery stores, and other locations.

Hand Truck

Hand trucks provide a simple, but effective, way to transport small loads. They can also fit into smaller spaces than traditional forked lifts or pallet jacks.

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Shrink Wrap Equipment

Shrink wrap is used for packaging purposes and goes hand in hand with most warehouse. Shrink wrap machines can also be used to package multiple products together for transport. Film is sealed around a product and is shrunk using heat. Shrink wrap machines are available in a wide variety of formats, from single bar units to L-bar units that use tunnels. To learn more about shrink wrap machines, please check out our shrink wrap guide.

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Gravity Conveyors

Gravity conveyors use a series of roller wheels and bearings to quickly move boxes and other products from one location to another. Gravity conveyors can be adjusted to various lengths and shapes, depending on the need and use. They are especially ideal for use around a loading dock where packages are being shipped. As products are packaged for shipment, then can be placed on the conveyor and be moved along as additional products are placed on the conveyor.

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Warehouse Accessories

People Positioners

Easily move from one location to another, while sitting with the people positioner. These stools are adjustable and fixed to casters. These are great for working on lower shelves and machinery.

Back Support Belts

Back support belts are a necessity for any warehouse. Different styles and sizes are available for people of all sizes. Back support belts help prevent back injury by providing support to the back while lifting heavy objects. Prevent future injury with your own back support belt.

Shipping Scales

Make sure your products are properly weighed with a shipping scale. These scales are perfect for any location where shipping weight is needed. Our shipping scales are precise and will give you weights right down to the nearest gram.

Wet Floor Signs

Keeping your warehouse or workplace safe is an important part of maintaining an effective workforce. Our spring-loaded wet floor / piso mojado signs are easy to use and an essential piece of warehouse, office or retail environment. These handy-cone safety signs are compact when stored and bright and obvious when displayed. Help reduce your liability exposure and ensure a safer workplace for employees and customers alike.

Tape Dispensers

Tape dispensers are a necessity in any warehouse, allowing workers to quickly tape boxes shut. The tape dispenser quickly applies tape and cuts it off as needed. The handle is ergonomically designed to fit into the palm of a hand and be held securely.

Cutting Knives

Cutting blades and knives are used to quickly and precisely open boxes. Most blades will easily cut through cardboard and tape. This makes it easy to remove products, re-package equipment and stock shelves.

Anti-Fatigue Mat

Warehouse workers often have to stand for hours, moving and packaging products. Standing for hours can take its toll on feet and joints. Anti-fatigue mats are made out of a sponge-like material that help absorb some of the impact and gravity often taken out on feet and joints. These mats will keep warehouse workers happy and allow them to work longer on their feet without feeling pain.

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