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Wire Binding Machines / Twin Loop Supplies

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Wire bound documents look classy and are very easy to use. Our manual wire binding machines are great for low to medium-volume use. Brands include Akiles, Renz, Sircle and many more. Simply pull a handle, punch the paper, insert the wire and close it. These machines are compact, reliable and affordable. Browse through our great selection and order your manual wire-binding machine today!
Speed up your wire binding operations with an electric punch wire binding machine. These machines dramatically speed up binding by using an electric motor to punch through paper at more than double (often faster) the speed of a manual punch machine. We have a great selection of electric wire binding machines in stock and ready to ship. Order yours today!
Combination binding machines bring you two of the most popular forms of binding into one machine. Our combo binding machines can bind books in both comb and double-loop wire. This is a great way to save yourself money, while expanding your binding options. We have several machines to choose from at a great price. Order today!
Quickly close wire in a matter of seconds with a wire closer from ABC Office. Our wire closers are ideal for use with book binding punches. When used with another wire binding machine, output can be significantly increased. Closers include manual and electric designs. Wire closers are very versatile and can be used with a wide range of wire elements. Browse through our great selection and order yours today!
We sell wire-binding elements in a variety of sizes and colors. We sell three different hole punch formats, also known as the pitch. We have 3:1 (Three Holes Per Inch), 2:1 (Two Holes Per Inch) and Spiral-O (19 Holes Per 11-Inches Of Paper). Be sure you get the right format for your binding machine. These supplies are in stock and ready to ship. Order today!
We offer a great selection of clear covers, chipboard, card stock, poly covers, holographic covers and more. This a great way to finish your wire binding project.
One of the best ways to bind your presentations, reports and booklets is by using twin loop wire. Wire binding machines produce some of the classiest-looking documents that are perfect for professional and business use. Twin loop wire, sometimes called double loop wire, uses real metal loops of wire to bind pages together. Wire binding can be used with clear covers, card stock, standard paper, poly covers and much more.

Wire binding machines are available in 3 different hole patterns. These are 19-ring (Spiral-O), 2:1 pitch (2 holes per inch) and 3:1 pitch (3 holes per inch / aka Wire-O). Some of our machines are capable of binding books in multiple hole patterns. The most common hole pattern used today is a 2:1 pitch hole pattern. We offer twin loop wire binding machines from Akiles, Tamerica, Renz, SirceBind, Intelli-Zone and many more.

We offer manual wire binding machines, electric wire binding machines, combination machines, stand-alone paper punches, wire closers and high-quality twin loop wire binding supplies. Our selection is huge, and since we stock our own warehouse, shipping is fast.

Take advantage of our low-price guarantee and buy your wire binding machine today!

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